Rob Zirkle

Rachel Rogers’favorite architects are also engineers. From Brunelleschi to Arup, the best designers understand how to realize buildings that not only stand the test of time, but often define it.  Rachel believes that with care and attention, architectural practice can re-shape what we understand possible.

defining, technical, detailed.

The idea that architecture should be flexible enough to accommodate the natural changes in use and program that evolve over time is core to Rachel’s focus. Landmark architectural and engineering feats like the Foster and Partners Millau Viaduct wouldn’t have been built without the imagination and creative, out-of-the-box thinking of a wide group of collaborators with deep knowledge spanning a multitude of disciplines, countries, and even continents. Despite these alone, architecture isn’t successful if it doesn’t address people’s needs. Rachel’s experience prior to joining brick comprised high-end residential renovations, some high-end ground-up commercial projects, and prefabricated structures. At brick, Rachel’s work is focused primarily in the technical aspects of commercial core and shell design which feed her desire to express the details of architectural design.  Her conceptual work developing renderings allows her to communicate what’s possible in the built environment.  

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