Rob Zirkle

Michelle Peña thinks about scale and how she can fill all of the gaps in her knowledge, not just in architecture, but in all of her creative pursuits. She began with an interest in urban planning, fell in love with architectural theory during her time at Columbia University, and started her career at a design-oriented firm that gave her the freedom to explore a range of scale and conceptual design.

scale, detail, rhythm.

After asking the question “how can this be built?” over and over again, Michelle transitioned to more detail-oriented work as a draftsperson for a custom metalwork shop in Brooklyn. She then relocated to California, a place where she found more space and slowness to compliment her curiosity. In this move, she discovered that delving into the personal nature of hospitality and residential projects has made the experience of designing feel more real and she brings this awareness to her role as Job Captain at brick, where she contributes to commercial office projects and designs for community benefit, such as a recent design for a youth center on the peninsula.

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