Rob Zirkle

Jesse Duclos enjoys the art of making things. With nearly twenty years’ experience designing housing of all sorts — single family, wood-frame modular housing for a variety of affordable, transitional, and senior housing developments, Jesse understands and enjoys how buildings fit together. He is energized by conceptual design and ideating with his team to produce solutions that meet and address client goals and challenges. He is drawn to the Master Builder concept and is fascinated by the non-linear process that is Gothic Architecture.


non-linear thinker, builder, pasta-connoisseur

Jesse believes that being an architect doesn’t end with design, but incorporates art, engineering, and construction. Beyond his professional work, Jesse expresses his creativity through work with his hands, including furniture making, spoon carving, and culinary arts. His open-minded approach coupled with his precision and commitment to constructing buildings of the highest quality make him a valuable [super awesome genius] to the brick team.

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