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gina bugiada

Designer Gina Bugiada embarks on a journey of collaboration as a Pathways to Equity fellow.

In September 2018, the Open Architecture Collaborative fulfilled a many-year dream of establishing trainings and a self-reflective structure for the network with the launching of the inaugural class of Pathways to Equity Fellows. Co-directors Shalini Agrawal and Garrett Jacobs aim to evolve traditional ‘community engagement’ architecture into what they describe as “active allyship”.
Practitioners have been participating in a combination of interactive workshops and hands-on field experiences as part of the fellowship. Four groups have been formed amongst the fellows to work on community-driven projects, providing them the opportunity to cultivate self-awareness and explore an equitable path of design.
Brick is proud to sponsor one of our project designers, gina bugiada to embark on this exploration. From now until April 2019, gina will share first-person perspectives on the workshop trainings and the work she and her team put in with their non-profit partner, the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project.
Click here to learn more about the fellowship.
Click here to learn more about the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project.
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