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Brickleball a dinking success for YouthBuild Boston

Hosted at PKL
Photos by Hannah Rose

thank you for supporting YouthBuild Boston and making an unconventional idea for a fundraising tournament into a “dinking” success. It was amazing to see all of you come out and play for a truly great cause.

“YouthBuild Boston is so very grateful for the opportunity to team up with Brick and all of our industry partners for a very successful event. Everyone who came to participate, spectate or to generously donate has made a lasting impression and significant impact on the lives of underserved youth in our community. Thank you so much!” – Brian McPherson, Executive Director, YouthBuild Boston


Bragging rights! Winners, the glory is all yours.
1st Place: Daniel Metzdorf (The Steele Group) & Jordan Elster (Innovation Studio)
2nd Place: Brian Hellrigel & Matthew Ferdenzi (WB Engineers + Consultants)
3rd Place: Eric Shabshelowitz & Jack Lavanchy (Cabot & Company)

$15,000 and counting!
Thanks to the tournament teams and event attendees as well as your generous donations and purchases of sweet YBB merch, we raised $15,000. Next year, let’s double our success and secure a place for three local young adults. With your help, our industry is on the road to a more equitable and inclusive future! 
We are all lucky to have such a fantastic organization in Boston! Brian and his team at YouthBuild Boston do an amazing job training, coaching and preparing motivated young people to become meaningful contributors to our industry and to Boston’s built environment.
“We’re so grateful to everyone that came out to Brickleball. The exuberant, innovative and charitable spirit of Boston’s AEC industry was really palpable in the room. That unique energy is why we opened brick’s new office here (in my hometown!) and it’s truly exemplified by YBB. Their work touches all aspects of our industry and provides incalculable benefit to the community. We just feel very lucky to be able to support the mission of an organization that represents the very best of this city.” – Abigail Hammett, Associate Principal, Brick
Our heartfelt thanks from all of us at brick and YouthBuild Boston!


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